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Mother of 10 year old boy
September 3rd 2021
My son loved it! Especially for setting goals.

In our summer holidays, my son started feeling bored. Luckily we received a version of the journal from HappyPowerup's research team and he decided to fill it out! It was a great opportunity to for him to regroup, set goals and get into a habit of reflecting and coming up with ideas on how to make the most ouf of his day.

Katingo Vatis
Primary School Teacher at St. Thomas International School
Expert endorsment
October 21st 2021
Necessary and A LOT of fun.

I’ve found the playfulness of using “Powerups” and increasing your “happiness meter” to be really engaging for children. Building one's self-esteem and kindness is not an easy task, and this journal will make many children interested in growing in these areas. It is a necessary and engaging tool to use both at home and in schools.

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